Every design features our Unique Combination of the 6 key scientifically proven, visually stimulating elements:

Our whimsical wall art is not only cute, fun and very unusual, it is designed to give your child the best stimulation possible using a unique combination of 6 elements scientifically proven to engage babies growing minds and help their visual development. Developed with expert child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer our wall art utilises the latest scientific research to engage growing minds by stimulating curiosity, improving memory and learning, and enhancing their sensory development.

Dr Amanda Gummer quote re nursery wall stickers

How to apply wall stickers in 3 stages

Our unique Nursery Wall Stickers have been designed to work in 3 stages that will support your little one’s development from birth onwards.

You add stickers as your baby grows to promote interest and offer elements of surprise! With each new sticker, your baby is exposed to new visual stimuli elements. As you and your little one have a fun time together, your baby will delight in discovering the world around through bold, bright colours, strong contrasts, geometric shapes, imaginative scenes and cheerful faces.


STEP 1: To stimulate visual development

Single sticker approx. 50x40 cm to be used on its own.

This sticker is simply spectacular and is designed for newborns and the smallest babies to encourage their visual development. With its black and white motifs, strong contrasting colours, well-defined contours, repetitive patterns and geometric shapes it will be fascinating for your baby! This sticker has elements that are simple, clear and easy to focus on.

STEP 2: To stimulate brain function and to promote social and emotional development.

5-7 medium-sized stickers to be used in association with the first bigger sticker.

This set of stickers is designed for babies who have already developed visual acuity and can see well (about 4 months). Stickers include cheerful, smiling creatures that promote opportunities for you to engage with your baby in storytelling and narrative. They provide fun and easy ways to nurture healthy social and emotional growth. With visually-demanding elements like subtle colour changes, contrasts and shading, shape and pattern, these stickers are aimed to challenge your baby’s vision and promote brain development.

STEP 3: To improve perceptivity, spark curiosity and motivate interest.

16+ smallest stickers to be used to complete the scene.

These stickers have been designed to complement that developmental stage when your baby starts to notice and pick up tiny items (e.g small raisin or crumb). They are more complex and contain greater detail. Babies at this stage can take note of wider surroundings and focus on intricate details. Apart from fuelling your child’s curiosity, these stickers also motivate interest and improve perceptivity, contributing to overall visual development of your baby.


Dr Amanda Gummer quote re nursery wall stickers