Ultimate Guide to Best New Baby Gifts that encourage development

Tested and recommended by mums!

If you’re expecting or headed to a friend’s baby shower, you’ll want to pick out the perfect gift that’s both stimulating and educational. We’ve asked 50 mums for their opinion on the top new gifts that help a baby’s mind grow.

The best and most popular items are the ones that stimulate a child’s brain by activating all of the senses. From nursery wall stickers to educational baby classes, grab a meaningful gift for your baby or a friend’s child with our list of the best new baby gifts that encourage development.

Edible messy paint

When a baby comes to the world, all they are and should be exposed to be vibrant colours, positive visuals and soothing voices.

So, it is our job as adults (and the children’s caretakers) to make sure that we make an effort to ensure that the little ones are only surrounded by healthy, nurturing and happy environment – simply put, Art.