Product Reviews

Hello Witty Doodle. I have had your farm wall stickers for a few weeks now and they made such a huge difference to my little girl. I used to struggle a lot as she was a premature baby and very sensitive to any touch or noise. Since we have your wall stickers she not only can’t stop starring at them but also amazingly they made her much calmer.
Ana, mum to Gabi aged 3 months old
Once I had seen the Witty Doodle range of products, I just knew we should have them, I just knew that these Witty Doodle stickers where the missing piece for our nursery… They are like nothing else I’ve seen before – extremely bright with funky shapes and smiley faces.
Beautiful bright colours, eye catching shapes. Easy to apply or remove if baby gets used to it. My daughter loves staring at animals, we talk and sing introducing them. I am delighted with the way they have finished off the room. Would highly recommend.
We put the wall sticker up yesterday. It looks beautiful! Thank you ever so much. The colours of it are amazing! It made such a huge difference to the room. Thank you!
"Love it" Want them all. Very impressed with. The designs and quality of the products "fantastic"
There is so much to look at in every picture - so much colour and pattern – even I keep staring at it!
I love how bright and colourful it is – perfect for stimulating a little baby! He’s really alert and interested in what is around him now so this is perfect for him.
The stickers were really easy to smooth onto the tile and very easy to reposition which we did, multiple times. They have so far survived several baths and showers and are showing no signs of wrinkling or peeling away. Both kids absolutely love them and it has really brightened up the family bathroom.
Mum of one
The stickers are brilliant!!! Not only they are beautiful, but also very good quality and size. Coulourfull and happy! Just like stated in the description. We were having lots of fun putting them on the wall, they are extremely simple and quick to use, stuck to the wall very well, looks like a painting. We were playing with them a little, removing and repositioning, which was very easy and didn't leave any marks to the wall at all, neither to the sticker. Also didn't loose the 'stickness' when we were repositioning them. They don't peel off the wall. They nicely trasformed boring white room to a lovely, lively toddler's room and are a focal point in our baby girl's room! Our daughter is so exited about them, every day she points at the animals, making sounds. We just love it! Highly recommended !
The 40cm x 40cm hand finished cotton canvas is superb quality and the colours are so bold due to the great digital printing, just like the website shows. There are a few patches where the different purples come through and this adds a look of texture to the picture which is lovely. It's a really attractive piece of art and the finish is secure and tidy on the 3cm wooden frame. It is ready to hang straight away so I didn't need to worry about fixing anything to the reverse of it thankfully! It can go straight from packaging to wall in a matter of moments.
When Our 3 month-old daughter Gabi saw " the Farm " she immediately began to look curiously at these animals and smiling at them - She really likes the cow now :) Gabi often babbles/ talk and smile to these animals :) - we often are joking with my husband that this is her TV now :) Our friends also love the Farm stickers. All probably thanks to its original designs and beautiful , expressive colours . We are also pleased that in a few months we will be able to move the stickers to the children 's room , where Gabi again will be enjoying them :)