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Creative and stimulating nursery art will have parents saying goodbye to passé pink and blue!

Witty Doodle products are charming, creative and most importantly, stimulating babies’ brains.

Paignton (January 15 2015) – Witty Doodle is a new and pioneering company founded by moms and developed by experts with a common goal of providing fun, imaginative and stimulating nursery environments for babies and toddlers. Each adorable art piece has been collaboratively developed by child psychologist Dr. Amanda Gummer, a leading authority on child play and development, children’s book illustrator Anna Gensler, and loving mothers searching for ways to inspire their babies.

Witty Doodle incorporates stimuli such as black and white motifs, geometric shapes, repeating patterns, large images and smiling, friendly faces to engage developing minds. Witty Doodle uses bold and contrasting colours in lieu of soft pastels as it has been found that soft pastels are not especially soothing, attractive or interesting to babies and toddlers, and therefore not suitable for developing growing minds.

According to Dr. Gummer, “These range of colours, shapes and patterns of the pictures are visually stimulating and will increase a child’s curiosity. This inquisitiveness will increase exposure to stronger stimuli that will promote quicker brain development, making children more likely to achieve milestones more quickly than average.”

Witty Doodle has developed two product lines, Little Picasso, high quality fine art prints and canvasses and Little Journey, repositionable nursery wall stickers specially designed to grow with your baby.

Customers are embracing Witty Doodle products, providing excellent reviews; "Love it", “Want them all”, “Very impressed with the designs and quality of the products” and "fantastic".

Parents may view designs, consult the Experts' Corner and products at

About Witty Doodle:

Witty Doodle is an exciting and dynamic company, founded by two young mothers, looking to inspire their young babies with nursery art that is playful, creative, stimulating and fun. Seeking to enhance child’s development, mums, experts as well as book illustrators have collaborated to create twelve fantastic, child friendly Witty Doodle designs.

Witty Doodle creates aesthetically pleasing products that truly enhance a babies’ environment. With that innovative spark, Witty Doodle, stimulating art for babies and toddlers was born. For more information about Witty Doodle, creators Aggie and Julia or to purchase products, please visit

Contact: Agnieszka Szpinda, tel: 07977816720, e-mail: