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Witty Doodle Nursery Wall Stickers

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Please Welcome our "Little Journey" Nursery Wall Stickers!

We're excited to announce.... High quality stimulating nursery wall stickers have arrived! Let us introduce you to a Little Journey!

We designed them with professionals to change and grow as your baby develops and becomes more curious about the world.

We worked with Dr. Amanda Gummer, an expert in child development, and with a children’s book illustrator, to make sure that we can bring you a genuinely unique, attractive and innovative product for your baby.

Our Nursery Wall Stickers can easily be repositioned to encourage interest and develop narratives that will provide creative opportunities and lots of fun for you and your baby!

They come in six different designs, matching perfectly with the Little Picasso canvases and prints range.

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Witty Doodle is now on Facebook and Twitter!

We are proud to introduce our official Witty Doodle Facebook and Twitter pages.

Become a friend on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to share the adventure of childhood discovery with us.

Share news, photos and inspiring stories, join in the dialogue, and keep track of our new products. We’ll be posting news, links, interesting articles on Facebook, plus we’ll share the latest information about our products, new designs, promotions, and gift vouchers.

Drop by and post your videos and photos, or share your own interesting links. Start a discussion, learn, and have fun!

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We are very proud to announce the launch of Witty Doodle!

To say that we are excited would be an understatement!

Witty Doodle offers parents a unique, bold and beautiful nursery art, specially designed to create an inspiring and stimulating world for children.

The company was created by two young mothers working in cooperation with a child psychologist and a children’s book illustrator to produce six fantastic, child friendly art designs, printed on high quality canvas and beautiful, textured Fine Art paper.

And this is only the beginning - there is much more to come, so watch this space!