Little Picasso - Stimulating Nursery Canvasses and Prints

“Watch your baby’s eyes light up in wonder and excitement”

Key points:

- Designed to make a baby’s world a more exciting & stimulating place

- Encourage visual and brain development in very young babies

- Created in cooperation with a Leading Child Psychologist, Dr. Amanda Gummer

- Why are they good for babies? Because they capture attention & help retain focus, kindle curiosity, motivate interest, provide opportunities for concentration, help develop memory and ability to recall sentences of information, promote learning and help with understanding of the world

Expert says:

Dr. Amanda Gummer, Leading Child Psychologist in play & parenting

This range of colours, shapes and patterns of the pictures are visually stimulating and will increase a child’s curiosity. This inquisitiveness will increase exposure to stronger stimuli that will promote quicker brain development, making children more likely to achieve milestones more quickly than average. The variety of visual stimuli will help children to retain their focus and develop strong neuronal connections - says Dr Amanda Gummer, an expert on how playing with your child can encourage their development.

These pictures stimulate visual development in very young babies and are great for adding interest to a bedroom. Children will focus first on the larger, more defined areas of the image, and then refine their gaze to look at the more complex parts of the picture. This promotes cognitive development and facilitates development of skills such as attention and concentration as children mature.


Little Picasso canvasses and prints have been specially designed to make a baby’s world a more interesting, exciting and stimulating place. Created by an Artist & Children’s Books Illustrator, in cooperation with a Leading Child Psychologist, Dr. Amanda Gummer, they encourage brain and vision development in babies and toddlers.


Little Picasso uses bold colours, exciting patterns and interesting shapes to engage growing young minds. Art prints feature:

Black & White motifs: The powerful combination of black and white motifs provides visual stimulation from the moment your baby is born. Easy to see, the strong contrast promotes visual development that helps more than just your baby’s eyesight. It activates nerve cells in the early brain to help newborns observe their environment and make sense of their world.

Bright, bold and contrasting colours: further stimulate your baby’s visual and brain development, capturing their attention and kindling curiosity in their surroundings. Research has proven that bold colours and strong contrasts register powerfully on your baby’s retina and send the most powerful messages to your baby’s brain. Clear edges and outlines help your baby focus more clearly and improve your baby’s concentration.

Repetitive patterns: will fascinate your baby as his eyesight improves and he becomes more able to take in details of his environment. Repeating patterns boost brain function, provide interest and will encourage your baby to focus on his surroundings. Researchers in child development feel that exposing your baby to repeating shapes and patterns can promote the development of your baby’s memory and his ability to store and recall sequences of information.

Geometric shapes: and increasingly complicated patterns offer your growing baby more challenging opportunities for concentration. As your baby gets older and becomes more familiar with regular shapes she will enjoy finding them as they appear increasing or decreasing in size or as shapes inside shapes. Seeing shapes and becoming familiar with them in different colours, patterns and sizes can help motivate your baby to recognise them as she explores objects in her everyday environment.

Face like arrangements: Your baby will be attracted to faces and simple facial features, such as eyes, from the moment she is born. Smiling, friendly faces will be particularly appealing to your young baby but also to an older child. You will find that your baby will be drawn especially to the circular shapes of eyes and faces.

The size of the image is large enough to capture the attention of your baby from the moment she is born. Your baby can see the picture even though her sight is not yet fully developed. The image is also large enough for your growing baby to notice shapes, patterns and other elements inside the picture. The image will remain interesting and relevant throughout the first year of your baby’s development but can be enjoyed for even longer.



- Price: £45

- Size: 40 x 40 cm

- Material: superior quality 360g cotton canvas, mounted on a 3cm deep wooden frame, digitally

- printed using high quality, non-toxic pigment inks for great, vivid colours that will last for years

- ready to hang with included hanger


- Price: £29

- Size: 40 x 40 cm

- Material: printed onto a beautiful, high quality, lightly-textured 300g fine-art paper with a matt finish,

- digitally printed using high quality, non-toxic pigment inks for great, vivid colours that will last for years

- suitable for frame of size 40cm x 40cm