Little Journey - Nursery Wall Stickers that grow with your baby

“Watch your baby delight in discovering the world around through bold, bright colours, geometric shapes, imaginative scenes and cheerful faces.”

Key points:

- Designed to work in 3 stages that will support little one’s development from birth onwards

- Created in cooperation with a Leading Child Psychologist, Dr. Amanda Gummer

- Promote brain and vision development

- Why are they good for babies? Because they encourage babies to focus, motivate curiosity and stimulate cognitive development, aid memory and by prompting parents to make up stories about the scenes, improve communication skills and strengthen attachment

Expert says:

Dr. Amanda Gummer, Leading Child Psychologist in play & parenting

This range of fully repositionable yet versatile stickers can be changed as often as you wish to prevent your child from becoming bored. The pack has different sized stickers that will support a babies’ visual development from birth upwards. The larger stickers provide initial stimuli, whilst the smaller stickers allow for more concentration and deeper thinking. Repositioning the stickers will encourage curiosity and promote different narratives - says Dr Amanda Gummer, an expert on how playing with your child can encourage their development.

These high contrast pictures encourage babies to focus and stimulate vision and cognitive development. Very young babies focus on the black and white sections but as they develop, the baby will explore the scene. The repositionable stickers enable different scenes to be created, prolonging babies' interest.


Colourful and eye-catching, Little Journey wall stickers by Witty Doodle have been specially created to support little one’s development from birth onwards. Each set comes with a sheet of stickers designed to work in 3 stages. Parents add stickers as their baby grows to promote interest and offer elements of surprise. With each new sticker, babies are exposed to new visual stimuli elements. They will delight in discovering the world around through bold, bright colours, strong contrasts, geometric shapes, imaginative scenes and cheerful faces. Stickers can be repositioned to encourage interest and develop narratives that will provide creative opportunities and lots of fun for both parents and babies!

Stages & benefits:

Stage 1. Stimulate visual development: The first sticker with its black and white motifs, strong contrasting colours, well-defined contours, repetitive patterns and geometric shapes it will be fascinating for your baby. The elements are simple, clear and easy to focus on.

Stage 2. Stimulate brain function and promote social & emotional development: 5-7 medium sized stickers designed for babies who have already developed visual acuity and can see well (about 4 months). They include cheerful smiling creatures that promote opportunities for you to engage with your baby in storytelling and narrative. With visually demanding elements like subtle colour changes, contrasts and shading, shape and pattern, these stickers are aimed to challenge your baby’s vision and promote brain development.

Stage 3. Improve perceptivity, spark curiosity, motivate interest: 16 + small stickers. Designed to complement that developmental stage when your baby starts to notice and pick up tiny items. They are more complex and contain greater detail. Babies at this stage can take note of wider surroundings and focus on intricate details. Apart from fuelling your child’s curiosity, these stickers also motivate interest and improve perceptivity, contributing to overall visual development of your baby.


- Price: £55

- Size: sheet size 65 x 65 cm, scene covers wall space of approx. 1 m2 but will vary according to arrangement

- Material: fully removable and repositionable, very easy to apply – just peel and stick, will not remove paint from primed walls and are safe to stick on wallpaper.

- fine-weave fabric that doesn’t stretch or tear, is not harmful to children, pets or the environment, pvc free and non-toxic

- printed using non-toxic latex inks

- each sheet includes multiple images for parents to create their own wall decor

- easy instructions explain how, in 3 stages, apply stickers according to baby's development

WARNING Witty Doodle wall stickers are intended as wall decorations and not as toys. Please place your stickers on the wall far out of reach of your baby or child, as they can become a choking hazard. Any small item that is placed in your child’s mouth could cause harm, so please never leave your baby or child alone and ensure your precious little one is safe at all times.