Helping you to create a stimulating, enriching, inspiring environment for your baby to grow, play and learn.

It's not an ordinary nursery art... it inspires growing minds!

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Witty Doodle is the first & only stimulating nursery wall art specially designed to boost your baby’s brain power and learning abilities.

Every piece of our wall art is created using a Unique Combination of 6 Elements scientifically proven to engage growing minds and help their development.

We invited a Leading Child Psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer and an artist & children’s book illustrator Anna Gensler to help us with the architecture of our products. Dr Amanda makes sure our art delivers on its promises while Anna adds a little bit of baby magic to every piece.

Our customers (mums & babies) already love Witty Doodle’s art!
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  • Boosting your baby’s brain power with visually stimulating shapes, patterns and colours
  • Focusing and calming for your baby with bright and bold designs that attract baby's attention
  • Stimulating memory and learning with repeating patterns and shapes
  • Large graphics that are easy to explore as your baby’s sight develops
  • Designs your baby will love and your friends will admire, created by our artist and children’s book illustrator
  • Bringing style and safety to your nursery with, high quality, child and nursery-friendly materials
  • Enjoy experimenting with different layouts, while leaving your walls un-touched, with these fully repositionable wall stickers

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What people say about our products

"I am amazed how my baby boy reacts to our Meadow Wall Stickers. He can’t take his eyes of them, he’s really alert, interested and keeps "bubbling” at them. He loves them so much I just bought the second set of stickers for our playroom. I’m recommending you to everyone I meet. Looking at how mesmerised he is I am sure there is a science behind this product"> - mum of a baby H aged 4 months old
"Once I had seen the Witty Doodle range of products, I just knew we should have them (…) They are like nothing else I’ve seen before – extremely bright with funky shapes and smiley faces.” - Agata, mum of a baby boy
"I have had your farm wall stickers for a few weeks now and they made such a huge difference to my little girl. I used to struggle a lot as she was a premature baby and very sensitive to any touch or noise. Since we have your wall stickers she not only can’t stop starring at them but also amazingly they made her much calmer.” - Ana, mum to Gabi aged 3 months old
"I was amazed at how long the babies stared at the image" - Childcare professional in a nursery
“My daughter loves these stickers, we have the forest ones they are on the wall by her cot - she points at them and names them every night! I didn’t know she could say Fox.” - Mother of 22 month old.
“Our daughter is so excited about our safari wall stickers. Every day she points at animals making sounds. We play with it often re-sticking animals and creating scenes and stories. We just love it” - Marta mum to Megan aged 1 year old.