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How art makes babies smarter

How art makes babies smarter

When a baby comes to the world, all they are and should be exposed to be vibrant colours, positive visuals and soothing voices.

So, it is our job as adults (and the children’s caretakers) to make sure that we make an effort to ensure that the little ones are only surrounded by healthy, nurturing and happy environment – simply put, Art.

Have you ever noticed how children are naturally inclined toward activities like painting, drawing, making music, dancing etc.? This is a huge indicator of the fact that exposing children to art is essential. Many researches (link/s to a study research) have in fact proven that children who are engaged in artistic activities have shown to also boost academic achievement, raise attendance, boots academic achievement and reduce behaviour problems.

How so? It may just be attributed to the fact that art, being a vivid language that speaks to all, triggers a sense of creativity in young children. Indulging themselves in activities as such encourages kids to explore materials, express themselves through art (which, by the way, involves a lot of brain activity), and try out scientific and mathematical ideas as well.

Contrary to the popular opinion, it is not necessary that the child must be performing an arty task in order to be able to fulfil their potential – yes, even simply looking at art for some time makes children smarter.