Create a Blooming Marvellous Meadow Nursery for your baby!

Colourful Meadow Nursery

Let us help you create a Blooming Marvellous Meadow Nursery for your baby!

Imagine the fluttering butterfly that joyfully flies to its colourful flowers. Bees floating over a peaceful meadow beneath a blue open sky. Grinning centipede, a smiling snail, a bright-eyed dragonfly and ladybirds, are all residents of this colourful, lively, buzzing land.

And who said a nursery has to be pale or white? The research actually shows that babies prefer bright, vibrant colours from so widely popular muted pastels. Mix some calmer shades with strong colourful accents and you will end up with fun and stimulating space for your little one. Meadow nursery is a perfect theme for creating a fresh, bright and colourful room for your baby and it won't lose its appeal when she will become a cheeky, cheerful toddler.

To give you some inspiration we have combined a list of beautiful products ideally suited for a colourful meadow nursery theme:

1. yellow cot bed

2. meadow wall stickers

3. garland curtain

4. baby quilt

5. frog knitted doll

6. butterfly mobile

7. fitted sheet

8. snail nightlight

9. green rug

10. storage caddie

11. woody the worm

12. hand-made crib quilt

13. red chair

14. doughnut caterpillar

15. butterfly canvas

16. beetle clutching toy

Until next time!

Julia & Aggie.

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