An underwater theme for your baby or child’s bedroom can be a great idea if you want to incorporate learning with fascinating visuals.

Underwater Themes

An underwater theme for your baby or child’s bedroom can be a great idea if you want to incorporate learning with fascinating visuals. Kids love fish, whales, dolphins etc and the ocean has played a massive part in helping children to feel stimulated and relaxed in various environments.

Water is universally relaxing. When visiting the doctor, dentist or even the children’s emergency room – underwater themes for kids is more often than not the theme of choice. The themes offer the opportunity to be vast, creating huge murals of oceans with sticker fish in all shapes and sizes.

How to keep it simple:

If you’re planning on developing an underwater theme for your kids bedroom or nursery remember to keep it simple. Witty Doodle created a theme of underwater theme for babies, and each sticker is designed to showcase every aspect of Ocean life, such as fish, whales, plant life and fun things such as submarines in a colourful and playful way.

Our decals are designed to assist in baby’s growth as well as toddler development. As your toddler grows, his/hers interest in Oceanic life will grow too, and when you’re ready to move on to a more serious underwater theme, we’ve put together some ideas to ensure you keep things simple and fun.

Developing and growing your theme:

If you’re developing a mural in the child’s bedroom, make it layered. Paint a sky, the surface of the ocean, the ocean itself and the seabed.

Discuss what happens on each layer – i.e. the birds flying above the ocean and what they do. The boats at the surface and what they do. The fish that live in the Ocean and the type of species that roam the seabed such as crabs and lobsters. Instead of painting each item, try painting a light blue sky, a deep blue ocean and then the golden seabed. Then use wall stickers for each of the items, it’s quicker and the detail/colour schemes will be much more fun than using paint.

The idea behind building a theme is to keep it fun AND educational. Ocean life is one of the number 1 ways your child can learn, understand and take responsibility in the planet.

The ocean is a vast wonderland and it can get complex pretty quickly. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your child by discussing all the various organisms, plants and other life forms. Instead, keep it simple and focus on the basics. Use sea creatures that kids are already likely to know, i.e. Octopuses, Sharks, Dolphins and whales. And of course – fish! If you are developing a decal for a nursery, the stickers or paints should be an array of colours and shapes to help stimulate. It would probably be hard to try and name all of the fish, so instead opt for explaining what each type of species exist, i.e. whales and dolphins. Discussing plant life can also be simple – everyone can relate to Seaweed and coral reefs.

Including items such as boats is always a fun idea – incorporating these can lead to other playtime activities, such as boats at bath time. Your child will develop a keen interest in all things Ocean and they’ll learn at the same time.

As your child grows older, he/she can learn about the importance of keeping the ocean clean and the ways it affects the environment.

Reward learning:

Kid’s love getting involved and learning to earn. When the time is right, perhaps look at buying your toddlers a small fish tank. Your child can name the fish and keep a timetable on feeding times.

Tanks usually only need cleaning around once every 3 weeks, so make sure your child learns the responsibility of cleaning out his/hers fish tank. Keeping their fishes home fresh and clean.

Underwater themes are by far one of the most interesting ways to help your child learn, grow and develop. There is an abundance of kids movies that play to the strengths of Ocean life and there is no shortage of educational materials either. Using music in your themed room can also make the theme come alive, so consider sing-alongs, or ocean sounds with whale/dolphin noises to match your stickers/murals.

We’d love to see some of the decals or themes you’ve installed, even our Witty Doodle themes, so make sure to post what you’ve created on our Facebook page at

Until next time.

Julia & Aggie.