Inspirational Nursery Themes | A number of theme idea’s for your newborn’s nursery. The best part? They’re all gender neutral!

Nursery Theme Ideas

From paint samples to crib bedding, many parents eagerly anticipate and enjoy the process of decorating their baby’s nursery. And rightly so! The birth of your child is one of the most exciting and adventurous times of your life. However, the days leading up to baby’s arrival can be beyond stressful, so make sure that you don’t put off the job of preparing the nursery for your new addition.

We understand that the thought of planning and decorating for your little one can be incredibly overwhelming, it is for that reason that we compiled a number of theme ideas for your newborn’s nursery, that baby and parents are sure to love. Get ready to be inspired! The best part? They’re all gender neutral!

Fairy Tale Theme

It is probably safe to say that most girls go through the princess phase and most boys go through the knights phase at least once in their life, and what better way to embrace that time than with a fairy tale themed bedroom! Enchant your little ones with a room filled with fairy tale creatures like a fire-breathing dragon to protect them and magical fairies and smiling gnomes to keep them company.

Shape Shifter

What better way to stimulate your baby’s mind than by bringing them home to a nursery full of colors and shapes. Not only will the shapes and bright accent colours promote positive mental growth and development, this theme will translate perfectly into the toddler years when your child begins school. A geometric theme will ensure your child will grow up in a friendly and playful environment, and who doesn’t love that?

Farm Theme

A farm themed nursery is a classic among children, especially because we all know that they love to act wild and get a little dirty every now and then. A farm theme will ensure your child will grow up in a friendly and playful environment for your child to develop in. Make sure to include designs that will appeal to the five senses to keep your baby physically and mentally healthy.

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Adventure Safari

Much like an African Safari through the Sahara Desert, a safari themed room for your newborn is filled with adventure and discovery. What better way to aid in the development of a creative imagination than with a room bustling with playful animals like elephants, lions, and giraffes. Incorporating a bold colour like yellow will increase intellectual and muscle activity, and will bring a bright, sunny nature to your baby’s space.

Fun in the Forest

When choosing a theme for a nursery, most parents automatically think either blue or pink. While this tradition is perfectly acceptable, times have changed and the world of possible colours extends much further than blue and pink. Green is a great gender neutral colour and promotes feeling of peace and tranquility, perfect for your newborn. Adorn your green walls with neutrals to enhance the size of the room and unify the look. Our Forest Wall Stickers will compliment this colour scheme perfectly and are visually stimulating for babies and toddlers. Pair the Witty Doodle Stickers with a textured green rug to represent the lush grass of the forest and hang a mobile of woodland creatures so baby is always in the presence of a few friends.

Your child’s nursery should be comfortable and fun, and most of all, it should reflect who they are. Create a space that you and your baby will love to be in!

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