8 Fresh and Creative Christmas Gifts Babies (and Parents) Will Love!

8 Fresh and Creative Christmas Gifts Babies (and Parents) Will Love!

It’s not always easy for busy parents to find products that foster a positive, long-lasting and inspirational environment for children. So when we do find a gift idea with a fresh, new spin, we take note! Here is our list of eight clever, charming and creative gift ideas for the holiday season:

1. Playful clothes

Growing children always need new clothes. Colourful clothes with interesting shapes and patterns can help develop a child’s creativity, imagination and visual skills.

Bumblebee Shoe by Playtoes, £22, www.playtoes.co.uk

Playtoes are delightful pramshoes designed with high contrast colours, patterns and interactive character themes. Playtoes stimulate a growing baby’s vision and encourages young ones to reach, grab and kick. The rattles and squeaks on Playtoes also help keep a baby entertained.

2. Baby disovery classes

Instead of simply giving a child another thing to clutter up the household, how about a giving a learning and discovery experience instead?

Creative Station Baby Discovery Classes, £5 per child, www.thecreationstation.co.uk

Creative Station Baby Discovery classes are unique baby learning and development experiences with creative play and artworks designed for creative growth and development. A network of 70 Creation Station and Create Club franchises are located across the UK.

3. Stimulating Wall Art

Bright colours and interesting shapes are visually stimulating for newborns and babies, and arranging the shapes in logical patterns can spark creativity and imagination in young children.

Farm Nursery Wall Stickers by Witty Doodle, £55, wittydoodle.co.uk

Removable, wall-safe Farm Nursery Wall Stickers can take babies and toddlers on a fascinating adventure. Designed by professionals to adapt to a baby’s development as children become more curious about the world, these stickers promote development of baby’s thinking, concentration, curiosity and interest.

4. Brightly coloured books

Even the youngest babies can enjoy books, especially books with large, bright and bold illustrations. Children will develop a love of reading when parents tell them stories, and interesting images help toddlers with developing eyesight.

Baby Touch: Flip-Flap Book by Ladybird, £7.99, www.ladybird.co.uk

A multi-sensory experience for babies, with touch-and-feels, shiny foil and flip-flap pages for mixing and matching high-contrast pictures. Simple words and phrases are repeated throughout to help develop language skills and encourage interaction between parent and baby as they explore the world together.

5. Sensory toys (instruments)

Very young children are enchanted by music, and the benefits of exposing even the youngest children to music are doubted by experts as helpful in developing intelligence.

Musical Carnival Gift Set by Halilit, £12.50, www.babysensoryshop.co.uk

The Music Carnival Gift Set provides a variety of sounds, colours, and musical fun that allows parents to join their babies in creating their very own orchestra. The variety of individual instruments and sounds help children develop listening skills, creativity, a sense of rhythm, and a lifelong love of music.

6. Fun bath time

Babies love splashing water, animals, and bright colours. All three can be combined to distract a baby from bath time and help develop imagination and creativity.

Odd Ducks by Boon, £21.50, www.bebemoda.co.uk

Meet Slim, Bob, Jane and Squish—Odd Ducks if you’ve ever seen one! Odd Ducks are loveable, PVC-free playmates during bath time, helping parents soothe baby in the bath and develop curiosity and imagination.

7. Inspiring music

Research shows that studying music at a young age profoundly influences brain development, promotes creativity, and improves performance on cognitive tests.

Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles by Rockabyebabymusic, £11.99, www.rockabyebabymusic.com/uk

Rockabyebabymusic transforms classic Beatles favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies especially for babies and toddlers. Guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells, and the volume is turned down from an eleven to a two. Tonight, the cradle will rock!

8. Christmas Gown

Let your baby feel like a real star this Christmas with a comfy, durable, attractive bodysuit!

Dear Santa - Bodysuit by Drityfingers, £13.99 and up, www.dirtyfingers.co.uk

This original design by Dirty Fingers is printed on a 100% cotton, short-sleeve bodysuit. These child-safe garments are made from 200gsm cotton. The bodysuits have envelope necks and poppers for ease of dressing. These are great gift ideas for all newborn and older babies up to 18 months.